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we are clairvoyant

See The Future Clearly, It’s Always Here And Now

We envision a future where insights and intelligence gathered from data will define the efficiency and sustenance of our societies. We are unveiling the future for all of us. We are Clairvoyant.

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Intelligence is Accelerating Human Transformation

Through the sands of time, humans have always looked for newer ways of advancing their quality of life. Right through the evolution of agriculture through the industrial and internet revolution, we have always changed the center of gravity, steadily and rapidly, to advance humanity. We are living in times of constant change, and looking at a future where the power of technology is harnessed by human innovation. Following the Great Reset of 2020, the center of gravity for data is rapidly shifting from on-prem to the cloud. As enterprises make this shift, we at Clairvoyant look at continually unlocking the power of data and analytics, and deriving deeper insights to advance humanity.

Our Vision

To advance humanity by continually unlocking the true potential of data for all enterprises.

Our Mission

Accelerate business transformation by building scalable modern data platforms and data-driven products.

Embed intelligence into every aspect of organizations’ business flows, and their consumer touchpoints.

Be an organization with an entrepreneurial spirit pursuing excellence, and nurturing creativity and collaboration.



We get to work with an intent to change the status quo. Our sole purpose of working for Clairvoyant is to make a difference to humanity through intelligence. We are passionate about our customer challenges.


Our solutions and our understanding of customer environments is backed by our deep knowledge of data and analytics and their applications. Our clients hence believe in us. For our credibility. For our reliability. For our certainty.

Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity

Whatever we do, we place the customer in the core. Our business, our proposition, our operations, and everything else points to how our customer benefits. Because if our customer benefits, we do too. Delighting customers is our way of life.

Continuous Learning
Continuous Learning

It’s ok to make mistakes. However, we must quickly learn from them. Quicker than our competition. We must go through the learning cycles faster than anyone else around. That’s how we stay relevant and ahead of the game. Our success depends on our speed and continuity of learning.


Everything changes around us everyday. We are an agile organization willing to be part of the change, as rapidly as the change itself. Going a step ahead, we not just adapt to change, but also be the agents of change. We set new rules and blaze trails.


Working with teams is natural. However, we also encourage collaboration across diverse teams. Cross-pollination of ideas and unorthodoxy often brings out the best in us. We work with people across Clairvoyant, and our chosen external partners to become a truly differentiated technology partner to our clients.

Meet Our Leadership

meet_our_leadership_image Founder and chief executive officer

Chandra Ambadipudi


Chandra co-founded Clairvoyant in 2012 and has driven the company to become a leading data science and engineering company with multiple Fortune 500 customers today. He is a highly-motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record of delivery. He also co-founded BlueCanary Data, a predictive analytics product company focused on higher education, and led it through a successful acquisition in 2015.


Mahesh_image Board Member

Mahesh Pratapneni


Mahesh Pratapneni is a visionary investor, founder, and strategist in the technology, analytics and life sciences sector. He is known for building outstanding global teams, differentiated strategies, and successful exits. He currently serves as Executive Director of MedGenome and is on the boards of AgriGenome Labs, Saksin Life Sciences, Theragen, and Emerge Biologics. Mahesh earned his undergraduate degree in electronics and communications from IIT Madras, and his MBA from IIM Calcutta.